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Once there were ten hens and they lived in ten separate tiny cages. They had all the food they could eat; they had continuous artificial sunshine and warmth.

And the Hens were Happy! . . .

All the time it was daytime and they liked that and so they made little chicken noises and laid lots of eggs.

And the Hens were Happy! . . .

They didnít need to walk or fly anywhere so they had small legs and wings and hardly any muscles.
They didnít need to keep warm so they had few feathers.

And the Hens were Happy! . . .

As time went by these Happy Hens started laying less eggs, although the quantity was still more than could be eaten. This was not for any fault of their own or anyone else. Itís a natural process.

And the Hens were Happy! . . .

Their Master however was not so happy at the slow drop in egg production.
So it was time to send these ten hens away to the great Coop for hens in the sky.

And the Hens were Happy! . . . maybe?

But then the lights went off, the heat diminished, the cage got larger and the Hens were all put together. In the beginning they huddled together to keep warm, but there was little food and it soon became very messy and they almost stopped laying eggs. Their Hen like sounds faded as they became weaker and weaker.

And the Hens were Happy! . . . not really!


Then a kind person chose to rescue these ten Hens . . . 

They were put into this large Coop, which was specially built with three areas, two lower and one upper. Their former life of luxury was over. They had to learn to walk up a plank in order access the sleeping area where they all kept closely together to keep warm. It was wintertime and so the hours of daylight was not so long. It was difficult for them but they had to do it.

And the Hens were Happy! . . .

One Hen went to sleep one night and chose to stay asleep forever and so there were nine.

And the Hens were Happy! . . .

With help from their new Master, the remaining Hens were encouraged to walk around the area and up and down the plank so that slowly their little legs became stronger. Some tried to fly. They even learned how to have a dirt bath.

And the Hens were Happy! . . .

As winter took hold it began to snow. The Hens found this most strange as the cautiously walked around. This new experience and sensation was quickly accepted.

And the Hens were Happy! . . .

As the winter turned to spring the daylight times begun to increase the Hens started to lay eggs again. They grew feathers and their little legs were able to walk up the plank, and they were making lots of chicken noises and running around and scratching at the ground.

And the Hens were Happy! . . .

And now the Hens are physically heavier, have lots of soft red feathers, their manner quite cheeky at times and they lay more eggs than can be consumed.

And the Hens are Happy! . . .



The Coop
Meet The Girls
Free-Range Eggs






08 February 2015

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